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Testosterona E
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Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing: 10 x 1 ml vial (250 mg/ml)

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Testosterona E (Testosterone Enanthate)

Testosterona E, manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, is an injectable form of testosterone dissolved in oil, which has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect. Testosterone enanthate gives most of the huge increase in strength and mass. However, although the increase in mass and strength is enormous, the loss of the gains after stopping testosterone injections is also significant. Testosterone enanthate aromatize quite easily, thus water retention is often a problem. The resulting loss of definition of course makes enanthate a very poor choice for dieting or cutting phases. Also the drug is quite toxic to the liver and significantly reduces endogenous production of testosterone.

If examine Testosterone enanthate more closely, we can see it is similar to testosterone cypionate, the only difference being that enanthate ester contains one carbon atom less then cypionate. This difference will not affect in any way the potency of enanthate but can only influence the release time and this is so inessential that it remains unoticed. Testosterona E has a therapeutical effect as well. It can help those who started having problems with joints, who complains of pain and crepitation in the. Moreover, it stimulates the recovery processes of the body. Therefore, Testosterone Enanthate increases very well the vitality and provides more energy.

This is the reason that some bodybuilders can train up to 6 times a week, twice a day and still manage to become heavier and stronger. Testosterona E is a long-acting steroid, providing a lasting impact on the body. Depending on the metabolism and the hormonal system this compound can stay active for about 2-3 weeks, so theoretically very large intervals between injections are possible. Although Testosterona E is active more than a few weeks, it is usually inected by athletes at least once a week since it has a half-life of only one week.

How to use Testosterona E

Despite all the advantages, beginner steroid users should stay away from all forms of testosterone - those who have never taken steroids do not need any testosterone. We advise to postpone the administration of this drug and use it only when "lighter" steroids have no longer the desired effect. For bulking purposes Testosterona E combines well with Anadrol 50, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin and Parabolan. As an example of a cycle can be a combination of 100 mg Anadrol 50 a day, 200 mg Deca-Durabolin a week and 500 mg test per week. After 6 weeks one can replace Anadrol 50 with 30 mg Dianabol / day. Actually Testosterona E combines well with any steroid if your primary aim is weight gain. Apparently, between androgen - testosterone enanthate and other anabolic steroids occurs synergistic effect.

Athletes who experince to much water retention while using Testosterone enanthate together with Dianabol or Anadrol 50 or those who are more interested in gaining more power without any considerable weight gain should stack Testosterona E with Oxandrolone or Winstrol. Common doses of Testosterona E range from 250 mg per week up to 2000 mg per day. For most athletes a reasonable dose will not go beyond 250-1000 mg / week. If one administers 500 mg per week the whole amount of substance is normally injected at once. A higher dose is better to divide into 2 injections per week. Dosage should first of all depend on the training level of the athlete, his goals and experience with previous steroids.

Testosterone enanthate has a strong influence on the arc 'hypothalamus-pituitary-testes". The activity of pituitary gland is reduced as a result of launching the mechanism of negative feedback, which negatively effect on testosterone production. Therefore, those who take Testosterona E should inject HCG every 6-8 weeks. Injection of 5000 iu every fifth day for 15 days (total 3 injections) can help to reduce this problem. Adding HGG, Clomid, Nolvadex is advisable at the end of a testosterone cycle. These drugs help to overcome the catabolic phase and raise endogenous testosterone levels.

This may prevent lose of strength and muscle mass after Testosterona E is discontinued. Those who, after several weeks interrupt the use of testosterone without adding the compounds mentioned above will watch how their weight and excellent muscles are rapidly becoming smaller. Even gradually decrease of the dosage won't help one from this to happen. The only possibility of this "collapse" for an athlete is usage of testosterone stimulating drugs (HGG, Clomid, nolvadex), anti-catabolic substances (Clenbuterol, Ephedrine), very expensive growth hormones, or substitution with more "soft" steroids like Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol, Primobolan.

Women should avoid taking Testosterona E, or they may have to endure androgen related side effects. Women bodybuilders should be prepared for events such as virilization symptoms, changes in voice, hypertrophy clitoris and unnatural increase in libido. According to sports doctors, for women athletes a dose of 250 mg every 7-10 days should be enough. And yet women bodybuilders and powerlifters have already used higher dosages even at shorter intervals.

Testosterona E side effects

Side effects caused by Testosterona E first of all refer to it's strong androgenic activity and higher level of water retention in the body. Usually side effects are the cause of the frequent hypertension when using testosterone. Many athletes suffer from sever acne during testosterone treatment, especially noticeable on parts of the body such as back, shoulders, hands. It is Interesting that someone can experince this phenomen after Testosterona E has been discontinued.

Feminization, especially gynecomastia can occur thus anti-estrogens are required. Kicking at the beginning of medication sexual hyperstimulation with frequent erection - a normal phenomenon. Along with virilization, Testosterona E can lead to accelerated growth and maturation of bone tissue for young athletes, therefore, this can stop the growth processes of the body. Other side effects can be related to as testicular atrophy, decreased spermatogenesis, and increased aggression.

Those who direct this aggression on their training, but not on others have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this can not be said about all people. In their antisocial behavior they put the blame on high dosages. There is something like "superman syndrome". Dan Ducheyn in his book "Steroids handbook 2" describes this problem as follows: "We've been reading and hearing a lot in the media Recently about "Steroid psychosis", although it would be better to call it "psychotic megadose androgen …" Although Testosterona E is destroyed in the liver, it is not dangerous in reasonable doses unlike the 17-alpha-alkylated oral steroids. Other potential side effects include - deepening of the voice and the acceleration of hair loss.

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