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Stanoxyl Depot

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Stanoxyl Depot

There are a lot of people who say that Stanozolol is useless if one wants to achieve a noticeable increase of muscle mass and strength. These beliefs are contradictory to the fact that injectable winstrol is widely used in different kinds of sports. Actually it is one of the favorite steroids among most of the athletes. At the first professional bodybuilding competition in 1990, when competitors were checked for steroids, the winner Shawn Ray and the Canadian professional bodybuilder Nimrod King were tested positive for use of winstrol. This means that Stanoxyl Depot is a very effective compound if used correctly. It comes in both – oral and injectable versions. The injectable version is considered more effective than the oral one and is a water based steroids unlike other injectables that are dissolved in oil. The intervals between injections should be shorter then with other hormones like testosterones, nandrolone decanoate etc. This means that more frequent shots are needed in order to maintain an elevated level of hormone in the bloodstream. The cause of this is a relative short half life of water based steroids, that will be rapidly released into the blood, but will do it's effect for a short time. Practice has shown that injectable stanozolol should be injected at lease twice a week, but the best results were noticed when it was injected every day. This anabolic steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, therefore it will not convert to estrogen and rarely cause water retention. Based on this two features, it is primarily used in pre-contest phases. Winstrol provides a certain level of hardness and definition to the muscles if it is used in combination with a limited in calories and high-protein diet. The lack of a pronounced androgenic activity can be compensated by stacking it with one of the trenbolone esters. The synergistic effect is proved by multiple case studies, although there is no scientific explanation.

How to use

The combination of 50 mg/day of Stanoxyl Depot and 30 mg/day of trenbolone acetate was the "top combination" for champions back in '80. Other steroids that are often used in a pre-contest phase are masteron, boldenone undecylenate, halotestin, oxandrolone, testosterone propionate, primobolan. It provides very good results not only when preparing for a competition but in offseason as well when the primary goal is too increase the muscle mass. It doesn't promote water retention thus it is unlikely to experience rapid growth in bodyweight. Yet an increase in muscle mass will be visible and one will experience an even greater increase in power which will be kept as the is discontinued. Bodybuilders that look for an increase in mulsce mass use Winstrol in a stack with Dinabol, Anapolon, Testosterones and Nandrolone Decanoate. The newbies in this matter can achive good gains combining stanozolol with nandrolone decanoate or primobolan depot. This proved to be a pretty harmless combination in the matter of side effects. It is first of all an anabolic steroid with moderate androgenic activity which, however, may become noticeable for women at a dosage of 50 mg per week, for men in a rather higher dose. The effect of stanozolol decreases noticeably a few days later and at least another two injections are needed per week, herewith unwanted accumulation of androgens may be experienced in the female body, which would entail the phenomenon of virilization. Yet for ambitious females 50 mg every other day is a usual dosage.

Stanoxyl Depot side effects

Other not androgen related side effects may occur such as head ache, muscle spasms, high blood pressure can occur in rare cases in both men and women. The possibility of damage to the liver with the injectable version is very small and still at high doses, it can happen. Since this is a water based steroid, the injections are less painfull then with the oil based compounds. Another drawback is that from frequent injections a scar tissue is gradually formed, forcing athletes to inject it in the hands, shoulders, thighs and calves. And although it is only a necessity, injecting of Winstrol in certain muscle groups is gaining popularity, because bodybuilders have noticed that this provides an accelerated growth of those muscles.

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