Testoxyl Cypionate 250
Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Testoxyl Cypionate 250

Manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Contains 250 mg/ml of Testosterone Cypionate
One 10 ml multidose vial

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Testoxyl Cypionate

is an injectable form of testosterone ester manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. This is the most beloved and used kind of testosterone in the United States. Although testosterone cyp is known in Europe, the availability of it there until recently, was very low. According to the book "Anabolics Handbook": "Testosterone cypionate – is an injectable form of test, which has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect". This anabolic hormone aromatize quite easily, thus water retention is often a problem.
Also this drug is quite toxic to the liver and significantly reduces body's own production of testosterone. Test Cyp provides most of the huge increase in strength and mass. However, although the increase in mass and strength is enormous, the loss of muscle tissue is also significant after discontinuing administration of testosterone. Advanced bodybuilders recommend to reduce the "reverse effect" by using Nolvadex at the same time reducing the dose of testosterone cypionate, and at the end of the course it is advisebal to use HGG. If you use Testoxyl Cypionate in reasonable doses, its benefits exceed the negative side effects.
This compound can stay active for about 2-3 weeks depending on the metabolism and the hormonal system, so theoretically very large intervals between injections are possible. Although Cypionate is active more than a few weeks, it is usually inected by athletes at least once a week since it has a half-life of only one week. The effective dosage for men 250-750 mg per week, while women should avoid the use of this steroid. If we examine the quality Testosterone cypionate more closely, we can see it is similar to the enanthate ester. So we can say that it is an American long-term use testosterone, and Enanthate - European. Therefor almost everything that is charcteristic to enanthate, applies to testoxyl cypionate.
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