Testoxyl Suspension 100
Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Testoxyl Suspension 100

Manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Contains 100 mg/ml of Testosterone Suspension
5 amps of 1 ml each

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Testoxyl Suspension

is an injectable androgenic anabolic steroid made by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Testosterone suspension is a water based steroid which contains the hormone testosterone with no esters in it. This makes it a very powerfull anabolic agent since 100 mg actually contains 100 mg of steroids unlike esterified tetosterones like enanthate in which we can find only 72 mg of testosterone and the rest is the enanthate ester. Although it is a rather raw compound, it proves to be very effective. The same like injectable stanozolol, testosterone suspension does not easily disolve in water. The steroid will separate from water if the bottle is left to sit for a while. This is why the vial should be shaken before use to ensure an even distribution of the active substance. Most of the bodybuilders consider testosterone suspension a particularly potent anabolic androgenic agent esspecialy when it comes to mass increase. The main reason for it's potency is that this steroid starts acting in a few hours after injection unlike with long ester testosterones when the gains will be seen in a few weeks. The fast entery in the blood stream of Testoxyl Suspension requires injections every day or every other day. It still acts after 2-3 days but for best rezults bodybuilders should keep blood leveles elevated all the time, that's why injections must be done every day or at least every other day. One more distinction between this steroid and other esterified testosterones, as stated above, is the amount of pure steroid. The same as with winstrol some believe that it will provide a certain level of gain to the area it was injected. This also contributed to the increase of popularity of this product.

How to use Testoxyl Suspension

First of all I would like to say that it s not the best choice for a newbie in the steroid world. Using this product safe requires some skills and experience due to the side effects which will probably occur at a higher rate then with other esterified testosterones. Another difficulty is the site injection and rotate injection sites. The average dosage is 50-100 mg, depending on the needs of the person, and in most cases it is injected every day. Some individuals might use this steroid for cutting cycles but for this purpose there are better choices and Testosterone Suspension will be more useful as a bulking agent. For better results in the matter of gains and side effects ratio, it should be used in a stack with other less androgenic steroids such a nandrolone decanoate or boldenone undeclynate at a dosage of 300-400 mg/week. Like with testosterone enanthate or cypionate one can add an oral bulking agent like dianabol or oxymetholone in order to feel the gains from the very beginning. But since it starts having effect a lot more sooner then other esterified testosterones and the results will be realized from the beginning the need in this steroids is not that big. Due to the high risk of side effects to occur, an anti-estrogen like nolvadex should be kept at hand all the time. More sensitive to estrogens or prudent individual might want to include in their cycle such ancillaries as proviron or arimidex. This products are aromatase blockers and will help with keeping the estrogen level as low as possible. Proviron should be enough to use for post cycle therapy with all kinds of testosterones but for those predisposed to androgenic side effects a better choice would be armidex which is stronger but at the same time more expensive. One more point that needs to be discussed here is the testosterone's feature to supress the endogenous testosterone production. Those concerned of these side effects must use HCG and clomid or nolvadex to restore body's natural testosterone production. The best cource for this proved to be 3000-5000 iu of hcg for the last 2 weeks of the cycle and the next 2 weeks after the cycle is finished injected once in 5-6 days. Clomid should be started at day 4-5 after the last injection with Testoxyl Suspension at a dosage of 40-50 mg/day for 2 weeks and for the next 2 weeks at a dose of 20-25 mg/day.

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