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Stanozolol 50mg

Manufactured by Genetic Pharmaceuticals
Contains 50 mg/tab of Stanozolol
Count: 50 tabs

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Oral Anabolid Steroids Pros and Cons

Oral steroids are available for sale in the form of pills or tablets. Usually it doesn’t need any professional medical help. This type of drugs are acting faster than any other type of hardcore bodybuilding supplements or other steroid alternatives and they are easy accessible. However, it can cause numerous side effects, more than any other kind of steroids. Even so, most of the athletes are continuing to use oral steroid pills even after starting to use injectable steroids for the simple reason that they want to escape the drug detection test. Steroids taken orally have a shorted detection period compared to injectable steroids.

Oral steroids is preferred mostly by beginners, people that are afraid of injections and those who may be subject to doping control. This type of steroids comes in form o tablets or caps and should be take orally. The main advantages of oral steroids are that it's easier to use then injectables especially when it should be take for a longer period and they act faster since they get into blood stream quicker then most of the injectable steroids. Actually injectable steroids may be more potent then orals and even a little more cost effective but they are still used quite often even by more experienced bodybuilders. If used in combination with injectables, he reason for this is to kick start an injectable cycle. The effects from most of injectables can be seen only after a few weeks since oral steroids will start acting right after a few days. Oral steroids are also eliminated quickly from the human body thus reducing the chances to be detected on a doping test. Our pharmacy offers all types of oral steroids for sale. The biggest disadvantage is the damage they may cause to the liver. Since most of oral steroids are c-17 alpha-alkylated. This alkylation is used to make oral steroids more resistant when passing through liver otherwise they would be destroyed and would have no effect on your body. Other side effects of this type of drugs can be changes in appetite, irritability, water retention, glaucoma, high blood pressure etc.

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