Halotest Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Oral Steroids

Substance: Fluoxymesterone
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing: 60 tabs (10 mg/tab)

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Halotest general description

Drug Class: Oral Anabolic Steroid
Active Life: 9.5 hours
Average Dose: 20-30 mg / day orally
Water Retention: No
Liver Toxic: Yes, very high
Acne: Yes
Aromatization: No

Halotest / Halotestin is androgenic steroid similar to hormone testosterone. It is prescribed to males to increase this hormone concentration in their bodies and it can also be administrated to women with certain types of brest cancer. In sports area it is used for it's ability to increase strength without any excessive water retention or fat gain and that is why it's mostly used by powerlifters, weightlifters willing to boost strength while remaining in the same weight class. Flouxymesterone is considered to be the third most toxic steroid after oxymetholone and methyltestosterone. The same as oxymetholone, Halotest is capable of surviving it's first pass through liver therefore it can be taken during meals without any loss in effect. This was made possible by modifying testosterone with 17-alpha- methyl group. Flouxymesterone does not show any affinity to aromatization due to the presence of 11beta-hydroxy group which seems to inhibit conversion to estrogen. Flouxymesterone can increase aggressiveness this way helping athletes to get through difficult, intense training.

Halotestin cycle and use

Due to it's high toxicity, Halotestin cycle should be limited to 4-6 weeks. Use of this steroid for longer periods can be life-threatening. The recommended dose is 20-30 mg per day. Halotest can promote muscle density and hardness that's why bodybuilders use it in their cutting cycles (the latest stages), for contest preparations. Since it doesn't show any tendency to aromatization, there is no reason to be concerned about water retention. For example it can be used for the last 4 weeks of a boldenone or methenolone cycle. Or one can opt for a stacking is winstrol. It is highly recommended that you use milk thistle or vitamine b6 with this steroid because of it's toxicity on the liver. There is no reason to use clomiphene or tamoxifen with this drug since halotest doesn't affect natural production of testosterone.

Halotest Side effects

Flouxymesterone may cause headache, indigestion, oily skin, acne, anxiety, sleeplessness. These effects should disappear as your body adjusts to the steroid. Males may experience breast tenderness, change in sex drive, impotence or problems with erections. Females may experience deepening of the voice, change in sex drive, irregular menstruation or enlargement of the clitoris.

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