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Active Ingredient: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Package: 100 tabs (10 mg/tab)

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Turanaxyl Pills

Chlordehydromethyltestosterone, better known under the brand name "Turanaxyl" of the underground performance enhancing lab "Kalpa Pharmceuticals", has been for over  15 years the anabolic agent of first choice among athletes.

This extremely interesting steroid works mainly anabolic and only moderately androgenic. In direct comparison with, for example, dianabol, chlorhydromethyltestosterone  shows an about eight times weaker androgenic and only half as strong anabolic effect.

Therefore, the effect of Turanaxyl pills on the appearance of the body lies somewhere between Stanoxyl  and Dianoxyl.

Effects of Turanaxyl as Performance Enhancing Drug

When used in a steroid cycle there is an increase in predominantly solid muscle mass and a strong strength gain.

However, these achievements are highly dose-dependent. While with daily doses of 10-20mg most male athlete will not see much effect, the hard-training bodybuilder at 40-60mg per day can enjoy a good, solid muscle mass growth, coupled with a quite decent strength gain.

The lower androgenic activity also explains the widespread use in the past among female athletes.

To some extent, the success with anabolic-androgenic steroids depends on the amount administered.

The same applies to Kalpa's Turanaxyl. The higher the dose administered, the higher the expected blood concentration of the active substance and thus the performance gain.

The intake of 10mg increases the blood concentration by approximately 1.5 times, while 40mg causes the concentration to rise by 4.5 times.

However,  those who now assume that 100mg would therefore lead to even better results, should be warned that performance gains will not increase at the same rate with the dosage. Like with any other steroid, there is a limit after which the extra gains are not worth the health risk, as in such a dose range the side effects, especially with regard to liver stress, are unpredictable.

Turanaxyl is preferred not only for it's positive properties on physical performance and muscle building.

The active substance is also very quickly degraded by the body (the half-life is approximately 16 hours), which minimizes the risk of detection in doping tests.

It is perfectly sufficient for the athlete to suspend the intake 5-7 days before the test.

Even doses of 50mg/day, when used as a single active ingredient, are  considered safe up to 5 days before the test.

Another advantage of Turanaxyl is that it does not affect the body's own testosterone production almost as strongly as, for example, methadienone.

Side Effects of Turanaxyl

The side effects are kept within limits at reasonable dosages in a range of 20-40mg per day. Because Chlardehydromethyltestosterone cannot aromatize to estrogen due to its structure, estrogen-related problems, such as increased water retention and fat accumulation in typical problem areas, are unlikely.

Even at high doses between 60 and 100mg per day, estrogen-related side effects are rarely observed. However, women should be cautious when using higher  doses and always start with the lowest possible dose to find out the body's own tolerance.

Some of the Side Effects of Turanaxyl are:

  • acne,
  • oily skin,
  • increased facial or body hair growth (hirsutism),
  • male-pattern baldness in individuals predisposed to these conditions,
  • increased LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and decreased HDL (good) cholesterol levels. This can potentially lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes,
  • Female users of Turanaxyl are at risk of experiencing virilization.

Turanaxyl Dosage and Cycles

Athletes of all sports use 20-40mg per day, with the total daily dose divided into three single doses based on half-life. Women usually use a lower dose in the range of 5-20mg/day,

Bodybuilders can grow well with Turanaxyl  as a single active ingredient in doses of 40-60mg/day in terms of both body strength and muscle mass.

Some experienced bodybuilders use up to 100mg of Turanaxyl per day, which leads to a very good strength muscle gains, but this is also an enormous strain on the liver.

The cycle length  should not exceed 6-8 weeks due to this potential liver strain.

Since this active ingredient only slightly restricts the body's own hormone production, extensive post-cycle therapies are unusual. Discontinuation with Clomixyl  or Nolvaxyl agents is sufficient, if used as the sole active ingredient.

Cycle Protocol Examples

Turanaxyl Only Cycle
Weeks Products Dosage
1 to 6 Turanaxyl 15 - 40 mg daily
Post Cycle Therapy
7 to 9 Clomixyl Pills

150 mg First Day

100 mg Second Day

50 mg daily after that

You'll need 1 - 2 packs of Turanaxyl, 1 pack of Clomixyl
Turanaxyl with Testoxyl Cypionate Cycle
Weeks Products Dosage
1 to 4 Turanaxyl 10mg Pills 40 mg daily
1 to 10 Testoxyl Cypionate 250 500 mg/week (2 shots of 250 mg per week)
Post Cycle Therapy
13 to 15 Clomixyl Pills

150 mg First Day

100 mg Second Day

50 mg daily after that

You'll need 2 vials of Testoxyl Cypionate, 2 packs of Turanaxyl and 1 pack of Clomixyl

Turanaxyl Cost and availability

There is currently no official product manufactured that contains the active ingredient chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Nevertheless, plenty underground laboratories sell Turinabol in tablet form.

The  most dominant underground that offers Oral Turanabol 10 mg pills is Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. This pharmaceuticals company is selling their product under the brand name Turanaxyl and has lots of positive reviews about it's efficacy in bodybuilding world.

At DaddyRoids you can buy Turanaxyl pills for as low as 50 cents per pill or $50 per pack with fast and secure worldwide delivery.

Turanaxyl Reviews
Mar 15, 2024 (06:43)

This stuff is legit. Kalpa labs Turanaxyl was well packaged and the Tbol was GTG. I ran it as a test at 40mg a day for 4 weeks solo and gained about 6 lbs. I could feel awesome pumps, rock hard muscles and strength gains. sides: indigestion and lower back pumps

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